Welcome to the IEA

Welcome to the International Education Agency of Papua New Guinea

The IEA was formed in 1976 and operates 18 schools and TAFE (Vocational Education) colleges around PNG. We are a not-for profit business which owns its own schools.

The IEA is proud to offer the best lifelong education in PNG.

The International Education Agency provides high quality private education, meeting the needs of individual learners in a caring environment.

In all our schools and colleges we aim to achieve five key outcomes. We help all our students to….

        • be self directing
        • communicate effectively
        • behave ethically
        • work collaboratively
        • analyse and solve problems

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IEA is partnering with think-cell to offer this professional presentation and data analysis application to its students and staff.

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The following positions are available:

Vacancies are available for school leaders and teachers

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