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Welcome ...

The curriculum is now finished except for the section in the Language Strand dealing with Vocabulary. This will be ready soon.

Schools can start using this curriculum in 2017. From the beginning of the year CPD staff will be visiting schools to introduce the curriculum and to help teachers start using it.

To explore the curriculum click here or on the button above.

Latest News ...

22 November 2017: Final editing of the curriculum is well under way. Any feedback needs to be with Julie McLean by the end of week 9.

30 July 2017: The links by Level pages have now been completed for all Levels. You can access these from the Explore page. They are designed to allow teachers to see only the outcomes which apply the level of their class.

15 February 2017: A number of small changes have been made to fix errors. We have also finalised handwriting and you can see the approach that has been decided here.

17 January 2017: We're doing a bit of extra work on the web site (you might have noticed it looks different) but you can still use it to start your planning for the new year. We will let you know as soon as we're finished.

16 November 2016: The Comprehension support documents, are now available fom the Support Documents links on the Explore page.

Get involved ...

No curriculum is ever perfect. We need your feedback and suggestions. Please use the link below to tell us what further support materials you need, or whether we can improve the layout of this site. You can use the same link if you have any questions about the curriculum. If you would like electronic copies of any part of the curriculum in Word format please contact Julie McLean at the CPD (see below).

To tell us what you think, or to ask a question, email Julie McLean or call her at the IEA CPD on 321 4720.