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With over 300 highly skilled professional staff, a dedicated advisory unit, and access to a range of expert consultants throughout the world, the IEA has the capacity provide excellence in professional development across all aspects of school education. We have extensive experience in providing professional development in isolated locations and to schools with little access to external services.

The IEA has been a world leader in helping locally trained teachers improve their skills and take their places alongside expatriates in international standard classrooms. We have established a year long upgrading program in Port Moresby. The experience gained in planning and operating this program will be invaluable to any school wanting to increase their levels of staffing among local.

Through our Centre for Professional Development (CPD) our team of outstanding advisers can provide …

  • Assistance in analysing professional development needs
  • High standard professional development programs customised to meet any needs
  • Advice and programs to upgrade the skills of locally trained in developing countries
  • A teacher appraisal process linked to professional development